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She is enthusiastic registered dietitian  applying medical nutrition therapy for a variety of health conditions. Anna graduated with master degrees California State University Los Angeles and Environmental University of Wroclaw, Poland. Her specialties are eating disorders, disorder eating, bariatric nutrition and IBS. Participating in a multitude of trainings allows her to stay current. These trainings include but not limited to: Jessica Setnick's Eating Disorder Boot camp , Molly Kellogg's Nutrition Counseling,  medical seminars/webinars to advance her knowledge of medical nutrition therapy and eating disorders. She also completed professional chef series  classes and worked with various chefs to enrich her cooking skills.

Anna has many experiences working with eating disorders and weigh management patients and currently working for Kaiser Permanente as outpatient dietitian. She teaches nutrition classes in chronic condition such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, bariatric nutrition among many others.  Anna focuses on improving her client’s physical and emotional health by using a non – diet, culturally based approach to meal planning, utilizing intuitive and mindful eating principles. Cooking and creating new recipes are her passions and she was working as a chef in eating disorder facility before she became dietitian.

She became first a food engineer to realize that processing food is not the way to go and therefore she came back to school to became a dietitian. "There is a process to go unprocessed with food"

Her favorite saying is "More colors on your plate, more colors in your life" and she likes to joke around while teaching making her lectures  easier to digest. She pays attention to beauty aspect of food. "Whatever we eat becomes part of us and therefore it needs to be pretty" and  practices that by styling her food and taking pictures.

In her free time, she explores new foods and restaurants, practices yoga, runs marathons, travels and hikes challenging mountains.


individually tailored nutrition services


1 : 1 appointments or virtually wherever you are


Initial Session: comprehensive assessment of your medical history, nutrition, lifestyle, body composition measurements, diagnostic and lab testing, current medication and supplementation, and overall health status. Based on your needs I will design goals and a personalized action plan.

60 min


Follow Up Session: working together to ensure you have the tools and knowledge necessary to become a healthier you. Your goals will continue to adjust as you make progress.

30 min 


Grocery Store / Farmers Market Trip


Grocery List preparation followed by a trip to purchase the items on your list. This is a therapeutic experience  helping you to be more confident on what and how much to buy.
We will decipher the products on the shelves, aisle-by-aisle, deciding  to buy foods that support your recovery and fulfills your healthy lifestyle needs.


Restaurants Outings

 Practice on mindfulness, pacing and food exposure in a restaurant  that may be challenging for you. Real life experience. 


Meals and Snacks

 This can be part of any of your sessions. You can work on mindfulness  techniques or just challenging some of those fear foods that you have  been scared to eat on your own. 


Food Photography and Styling


How I Help



Progress Tracking


Let's Eat Toegether - Just Eat, a meal / snack it is like taking mini vaccation 



Progress Tracking


Traanslating your knowledge into action 


Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

Feel and see the changes thru vibrant energy, lab values and physical body changes 


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